Dog Grooming Basics

Mobile Dog Grooming Basics

Mobile Dog Grooming Basics

Why groom?  Because grooming increases your pet’s health, aesthetics, comfort and confidence.

Overall Health

Regular grooming ventilates the dog’s coat, helping it grow healthy and strong and takes away old and damaged hair. Grooming ensures that your dog’s skin can breath and keeps down the level of grease in their coat, reducing irritation and skin problems.

Long Nails

Long nails are more than unsightly, they also present a potential health problem. Unattended nails may grow long enough to cause the entire tendon and bone structure of the foot and pad to break down.

Dirty Ears

Ear problems resulting from dirty ears may take the form of odor, excessive discharge, red inflammation of the canal or sensitivity from the pet.

Matted Fur

Dog fur becomes tangled and wraps around itself forming tightly wound clumps of loose dead and live fur. Matting and pelting prevents proper temperature regulation, causes skin irritation, hides parasites and causes extreme discomfort and pain for the dog.

Anal Glands

These glands, or sacs, are located under the tail on either side of the rectum. If anal glands don’t empty, they can become impacted, making the bowel movement difficult or painful and potentially leading to infection or abscesses.

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